A highly specialized firm of engineers, and support staff dedicated to acting as a seamless extension of your design team.

Our unique seismic force resisting systems prevents beam and column damage and offers repairability via replacement of a single component: the bottom fuse plate. This patented, innovative technology creates structures with higher resiliency, simplified installation, improved schedule, and cost savings to the overall project. Our design team works with your design team to provide a resilient design option that is economical with exceptional performance.

“We are committed to providing excellent service that results in the highest possible cost saving solutions to every client.” ~Dr. Paul Richards, VP | Inventor


DuraFuse Frames takes pride in providing the best possible service. We are committed to upholding our core values in every project and to assist you in every aspect of the DuraFuse Frames implementation.

Mission Statement

As a Company, we resolve to be the leading force of technology and innovation with a clear vision for the future in this highly competitive industry. Driven to be different from all others, we demand of ourselves a single-minded focus to deliver an exceptional performance that spans from inception to final completion. Ultimately, we succeed by creating a remarkable experience our clients wish to repeat on their next project.

As an individual, I pledge to contribute daily in making DuraFuse Frames a special place to work. I commit to bring about a positive environment that values hard work, encourages tenacity in pursuit of extraordinary outcomes, embraces accountability with respect to and for each other, inspires innovative thought, integrity, professional excellence, and above all, honesty and transparency.


As a company rooted in research, development and design, we are constantly striving to improve or process and our technology. We strive to be an extension of your design team through the services we offer.


We are ready to jump in and join the design team to ensure the best possible outcomes for the Owner, General Contractor, Architect, Engineer, Fabricator, and Erector. The DuraFuse license fee is included in the fabrication cost with no costs associated for the Engineer of Record. Design Assist and Value Engineering are simply part of the general services we offer.


DuraFuse Frames are designed with an R-factor of 8 and exceed the requirements for Special Moment Frames in AISC 341. The DuraFuse Frame connection is modeled as fully rigid and can be easily incorporated into common software systems such as ETABS and RAM.

We provide assistance with the connection design (calculations, details, and schedules) at no cost to the Engineer of Record. Additionally, we provide final review and approval of the necessary drawings and 3D models associated with your DuraFuse project.


Upon completion of your DuraFuse Frames project design, expect to receive high quality and detailed drawings for a smooth transition to production.

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