DuraFuse Frames products are unique seismic resilient systems preventing beam and column damage while also providing repairability. DuraFuse Frames are the ideal moment-frame and dual-frame solution for all building types in all Seismic Design Categories making our frames the most versatile SMF/IMF system on the market. DuraFuse Frames are fully compliant with the performance requirements in the Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 341) with code approvals from IAPMO UES ER 610 including 2018 IBC, 2019 CBC, and LA Supplement. Instant benefits include overall costs savings, elimination of seismic bracing, smaller protected zones, larger open spaces, and outstanding resilience and fragility curves as well as erection/fabrication time and cost savings advantages. The DuraFuse Frames system was developed through extensive laboratory testing at USCD covering a substantial array of beam/column geometries confirming high-performance results. For ease of incorporation, DuraFuse Frames are now available in Bentley RAM and SP3. Additionally, TEKLA, Autodesk Revit, and SDS2 plugin modules are available for instant inclusion with CSi ETABS coming soon.