Innovation in resilient design is enhanced with a collaborative, teamwork approach. Design Assist creates this environment with advantages such as reduced schedule, improved constructability, reduced cost, and added value. We want to act as a seamless extension of your team to provide a resilient moment frame design option that is both economical and high-performance.

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Resilient Design Institute defines resilient design as “the intentional design of buildings, landscapes, communities, and regions in response to vulnerabilities to disaster and disruption of normal life.”

Throughout the world, we have learned that building to code is no longer enough. This is why we are excited to share our unique seismic protection system that prevents beam and column damage and offers repairability via replacement of a single component: the bottom fuse plate. This patented, innovative technology creates structures with higher resiliency, simplified installation, improved schedule, long span layouts, braced-free steel frames, and cost savings to the overall project.


DuraFuse Frames is an innovative company with a reputation for consistent advancement at the highest level of wind and seismic design.