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As a company rooted in research, development, and design, we are constantly striving to improve our process and our technology. We strive to be an extension of your design team through the services we offer.

Our unique seismic force resisting system prevents beam and column damage and offers repairability via replacement of a single component: the bottom fuse plate. This patented, innovative technology creates structures with higher resiliency, simplified installation, improved schedule, and cost savings to the overall project. Our design team works with your design team to provide a resilient design option that is economical with exceptional performance.


DuraFuse Frames are among the most thoroughly tested moment frames available and are prequalified for typical beam and column sizes per Chapter K of the AISC Seismic Provisions. More than 20 full-scale tests have been performed at multiple laboratories, including nine at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Tests confirm the fuse plates can accommodate inelastic rotation demands that are well beyond the requirements for special moment frames without sacrificing the beam. The bottom fuse plate in DuraFuse Frames protects the beams and columns and is the only part to be replaced after a severe earthquake; no need for replacement following lesser events. Our team of highly-qualified engineers are ready to assist you in your next open space, resilient project.



DuraFuse Frames has a team of Pre-Construction and Design Assist professionals who possess a full operational understanding of the critical milestones and construction goals. With our multi-project and years of experience in BIM Coordination and Design Assist, we are fully steeped in the necessary culture of cooperation and information sharing required to ensure this endeavor is a complete success for the Owner and each participating member of the Construction and Design Team. Our team of highly-qualified Design Assist professionals are ready to assist you in your next open space, resilient project.



The DuraFuse Frames project staff holds the requisite expertise and years of experience to provide a cost analysis together with accompanying constructability review comments that include member size coordination, bay spacing, erection sequencing, and large assembly studies. We respond to all critical interfacing trades in coordinating our work with that of the MEP systems, exterior cladding, life safety, etc. As the project develops, our staff provides value engineering input that not only looks at our direct savings—but circumstances which may create an overall cost savings when combined with the work of other trades. Our team of highly-qualified Cost Analysis professionals are ready to assist you in your next open space, resilient project.


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