Full Division 5 Packaging means a one-stop-shop for every piece of steel on a given project. This also means less hassle and worry about something getting missed or overlooked.

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DuraFuse Frames is in the unique position of being able to offer Full Division 5 packaging and is one of very few companies in the world who are able to offer the same.

With its relationship in an impressive group of sister companies, DuraFuse Frames has the unique ability to offer a Full Division 5 package of services and products including structural steel, miscellaneous metals, ornamental metals, detailing, fabrication, erection, and heavy load truck shipping.


DuraFuse Frames is an innovative company with a reputation for consistent advancement at the highest level of wind and seismic design.

Combined Efforts

Choosing only one subcontractor to manage all of the steel on a given project allows peace of mind over knowing every piece of steel, connection, bolt, and lateral system is being handled.

Living Freely

Choosing only one subcontractor to manage the steel and lateral system on a project allows the General Contractor to focus attention and resources in a more simplified and streamlined manner.

A highly-skilled team of engineers, project managers, and support staff dedicated to providing professional, timely, and responsive service to our clients.

Our unique seismic protection system prevents beam and column damage and offers repairability via replacement of a single component: the bottom fuse plate. This patented, innovative technology creates structures with higher resiliency, simplified installation, improved schedule, long span layouts, braced-free steel frames, and cost savings to the overall project.