Project Description

EdgeCore Data Center, Santa Clara Campus

DuraFuse Frames is pleased to be part of the design for the new EdgeCore Internet Real Estate Data Center Building 2 project on their state-of-the-art data center campus in Santa Clara, California, with Pangolin Structural and DCM Design.

The DuraFuse Frames unique suite of seismic protection products offer long, open span capabilities which pair beautifully with the needs of this structure. EdgeCore Internet Real Estate “offers leading data center functionality and amenities in what is considered the second-largest market for commissioned data center space in the United States.” We look forward to watching this 500,000 SF project progress to completion!

DuraFuse Frames brings tremendous value to this signature data center campus project by providing significant weight savings while accelerating fabrication and erection schedules during the value engineering process coupled with a competitive licensing fee and the following outlined benefits of incorporating this innovative product:

  • Decreased frame weight
  • Decreased fabricated frame cost
  • Faster construction, erection, and fabrication
  • Absence of field welding and absence of costly CJP shop welding
  • Elimination of seismic bracing required by ANSI/AISC 341 Sec. D1.2
  • Significant reduction in protected zone requirements per ANSI/AISC 341 Ch. D1.3 and I2.1
  • Ability to depart from high-ductility seismic compactness limits, thus further enhancing economy
  • Considerable decrease in owner inspection costs
  • Better performance through increased joint stiffness and frame optimization
  • Straightforward design and widely available materials and design/detailing tools
  • Outstanding fragility curves leading to unmatched resilience characteristics
  • Repairability

RAM Structural System was used to analyze and design the DuraFuse Frames system beam and column sizes and complete drift checks.