Project Description

Durango Culinary Health Center, Las Vegas, NV

  • DFF BREZ (R = 3) connection was used for this structure, design was controlled by wind.
  • RAM Structural System was used to design and analyze and design the DuraFuse Frames system beam and column sizes and complete drift checks.

Project Details

The Culinary Health Center’s 96,000 SF, 2-story, medical office building will be private to its members and will include primary care, pharmacy, pediatrics, dentistry, admin offices, physical therapy and meeting spaces for training and education opportunities. Members will be welcomed by a reception area in a large double high volume with an overall first class hospitality atmosphere.

The building will be a stunning mix of glass and steel with a skin of high-quality materials. The entrance and main common areas will be open, airy, exposed to natural light, and create a peaceful waiting corridor throughout the building. Glass, tile and wood finishes will compose an elegant hospitality environment where patients will be welcomed by a concierge and treated as 5-star hotel guests. Patient waiting areas will have various types of seating with a mixture of daylighting elegant decorative lighting, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Areas of Expertise: Design Assist, Value Engineering

Categories: Engineering, Wind Controlled, Healthcare

Tags: DFF BREZ (R = 3)

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