The skillful practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve set goals and specific successes on time and within budget is what Project Management is all about.

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At DuraFuse Frames, our project managers are organized, passionate, and detail-oriented with the desire to help you accomplish your project goals.

Project Management includes developing a project plan, defining and confirming goals and objectives, paths to achieving each milestone, identifying tasks and quantifying resources, determining budgets, and setting completion timelines. At DuraFuse Frames, our project managers focus on feasibility, planning, implementation, evaluation, and completion to assist your team in making your project as effortless and smooth as possible throughout these phases.


DuraFuse Frames is an innovative company with a reputation for consistent advancement at the highest level of wind and seismic design.

Shared Success

Every project success is a shared success. At DuraFuse, we believe in the power of teambuilding and helping each other achieve successes all along the way.

Planning and Execution

At DuraFuse, we believe listening is at the heart of planning and execution to culminate with the best possible project outcomes.

A highly-specialized team of engineers, project managers, and support staff dedicated to providing professional, timely, and responsive service to our clients.

Our unique seismic protection system prevents beam and column damage and offers repairability via replacement of a single component: the bottom fuse plate. This patented, innovative technology creates structures with higher resiliency, simplified installation, improved schedule, long span layouts, braced-free steel frames, and cost savings to the overall project.